Reducing the Risk of Tobacco Smoking with an E-cigaret

Smoking is quiet dangerous to our health and smokers are often associated with painful and life-threatening diseases like lungs cancer, mouth cancer etc. This often leads to a million dollar question – Is there a way to reduce the risks associated with smoking?


The electronic cigarettes work via an electronic device, and give the user a feeling similar to smoking tobacco – thereby reducing the urge to smoke cigarettes containing tobacco.   Undoubtedly, these cigarettes are comparatively safer – However, it doesn’t mean that they are harmless.

What Are the Major Components of E-Cigs/ Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigars are handheld devices that consist of a microprocessor, mouth piece, a heating element, and a cartridge.

E- Liquid/ e-væske – The E-Liquid Fuel for Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are fueled by e- liquid solutions that contain aerosol with added flavors, and provide a feeling similar to smoking tobacco. During the process of consuming electronic cigarettes, the smoker inhales aerosol and exhales aerosol.

Electronic Cigarettes Cause Less Pollution

The main liquid component of electronic cigarettes is entirely different from the composition of regular cigarettes and is doesn’t pollute the environment in comparison to the regular cigarettes as they don’t emit the harmful substances like carbon monoxide, chemical tar etc.

What Are the Different Types of E-liquid Flavors?

Unlike the regular cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes that are fueled by e- liquids, that are available in a wide range of flavors. You will have the option of choosing hundreds of mouthwatering flavors, and some of the popular flavors include-

  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Menthol
  • Citrus Punch
  • Origins Watermelon
  • Origins Red Tobacco
  • Origins Strawberry
  • Mint Choco Chip

Tobacco smoking doesn’t only affect the primary user, but impacts the health of the stander-by who indirectly engaged in the act of passive smoking. Therefore, electronic cigarettes act as a key substitute that reduce environmental pollution and save lives.