3D Pens: What Are These Things?

When you first came across the term, we’re sure you were like “What in the world is a 3D pen!” The reason behind that is simple – making things on the go, with the flexibility of your hand and the imagination of your mind, right in the air is a distant thought. 3D printers are still considered new, and we already have 3D pens – that can’t be gulped down easily, can it? But well, the truth is the truth. It’s here.

A 3D pen is a pen that can be used to create plastic-based (usually ABS polymers fed through filaments, just as it’s done in 3D printers) fully three-dimensional structures, objects, accessories, and literally anything directly in the air (you will be needing a base first, to make the thing stand). The best 3D pens on the market right now offer a few more features on top of just the doodling part.

Best 3d pens

A 3D printer doesn’t “print.” It creates. As in crafting a plastic structure right in the air!

Anything you want to make – a toy, a design, a piece of art, a miniature home, or an object to keep your stuff that’s shaped like a bird’s nest – you can make it with a 3D pen.

3D pens are of many kinds and come from different brands. Which one do you need depends on your preferences, sure. But at the same time, you might not be knowing enough about 3D pens to make a good decision in buying a 3D pen for your personal or commercial use. That’s why these review sites are there to help you. So, if you could use a hand in assisting you and figuring out which product to go for amid this crowd of cheap, made in China 3D pens, look no further. The review site we recommend is http://www.fiftymotion.com/best-3d-printing-pens-reviews/ for its clarity and versatility.